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Trauma Informed Oregon Happenings January 2017

January 30, 2017 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon Happy New Year! As Diane Yatchmenoff mentioned in her last blog, I am stepping into the role of Director of Trauma Informed Oregon this month. Diane and I have been working together for over 14 years and our Trauma Informed Care work has been an exciting way to combine our strengths and passions. Her contributions to the field are invaluable and have provided a foundation for change well into the future. I will miss her daily presence, [...]

Trauma Informed Oregon Happenings November 2016

November 30, 2016 From Diane Yatchmenoff, Ph.D, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon Transitions at Trauma Informed Oregon We are in a period of growth and change at Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) these days, and I want to share some of our news as we look towards 2017 and beyond. First, I am very pleased to announce that the Oregon Health Authority has included Trauma Informed Oregon in the budget for 2017-19, so we are assured of the capacity to continue our work into the next biennium. We’re grateful to [...]

Implementation, Training & Education Updates November 2016

November 28, 2016 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon Working Toward a Trauma Informed Judicial System There is no shortage of work to be done for our judicial system to be trauma informed (TI) but I am continually amazed by those who have been doing this work and who are embracing this challenge throughout Oregon. Thank you to Judge Greif and Pam Patton for sharing their efforts in applying trauma informed care. Below I have included other “happenings” that have been shared with me: Training and education [...]

Jackson County Addresses Trauma in the Courtroom

November 24, 2016 From Lisa C. Greif, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Impact of Trauma In 2013, the Jackson County Casey Team, as part of the effort to safely and equitably reduce the number of children in foster care, determined that it would be beneficial to educate our community on the impact of trauma in the child welfare system. We subsequently entered into a partnership with the Trauma Informed Care Project at Portland State University (PSU). Training On February 28, 2014, we held a training on trauma informed care [...]

Trauma Leads to Behaviors That Bring Girls to Juvenile Justice

November 23, 2016 From Pam Patton, State and National Liaison Coalition of Advocates for Equal Access for Girls The Coalition's Goal The Coalition of Advocates for Equal Access for Girls (Coalition) received a one-year grant (4/2016 - 3/2017) from the National Girls Initiative for a project to set the foundation for change in Oregon’s Juvenile Justice System for girls. The Coalition’s project goal is to begin the process of integrating a trauma-informed and gender-responsive approach into the full juvenile justice continuum, with a focus on initial contact and intake. [...]

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Trauma Informed Oregon Happenings September 2016

September 26, 2016 From Diane Yatchmenoff, Ph.D, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon FAQs for the Trauma Informed Oregon Standards of Practice As partners around the state adopt the Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) Standards of Practice for Trauma Informed Care as a framework for assessment and planning, we are learning more about how it works in practice in different service settings. To address some of the questions that have come up, we recently created a set of FAQs that reflect our best thinking in response. Check it out and send us any feedback [...]

Implementation, Training & Education Updates September 2016

September 24, 2016 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon What Do We Mean When We Say "Prevention"? We have focused this newsletter on prevention strategies and resources. As I started to think about prevention activities in Oregon, it got me thinking about how we define prevention—so I asked some folks (age 6 and up), “What does prevention mean to you?” Here are some of the answers: Keeping something from happening. Stopping something from happening. Blocking. Keeping bad stuff from happening. Empowerment. Keeping something from getting worse. Helping. [...]

Trauma Informed Happenings Summer 2016

July 27, 2016 From Diane Yatchmenoff, Ph.D, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon From Where I Sit It is not easy to write a post this month, as every one of us reels from the events these past weeks in Louisiana, Minnesota, Dallas, again in Baton Rouge, and likely others by the time this is in your hands. I was called to jury duty this week, and I would like to say that it is ironic to be sitting here in the Multnomah County Courthouse thinking about trauma while watching a [...]

Trauma Informed Service Delivery in the African American Community

July 26, 2016 From Sahaan McKelvey, Program Manager of Family Stabilization Services Self Enhancement, Inc. Self Enhancement, Inc.'s Service Delivery Approach At Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) we provide a wide array of services to increase the capacity of our community to thrive. We provide services to everyone, but as the largest African American service provider in the state of Oregon it is our mission to provide culturally specific services to the African American community. The state of Oregon has a very unique and damaging history with regards to the treatment [...]

Implementation, Training & Education Updates Summer 2016

July 20, 2016 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon The Both . . . And While collaborating with many of you around the state, I am having more and more conversations about the relationship between equity and inclusion work and trauma informed care. The tragedies in July validate, yet again, the importance of talking about racism and systemic oppression as we further explore the impact of trauma on families, organizations, and communities. We decided to focus our summer newsletter on topics related to the cultural responsiveness of Trauma Informed [...]