Understanding Our Bodies When We Are Activated

May 24, 2016 From Beckie Child, MSW, Adult Mental Health and Addictions Services Coordinator, Trauma Informed Oregon What Happens to Our Bodies When We Are Activated? As one of the newer members to the Trauma Informed Oregon team, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Beckie Child and I am the Adult Mental Health and Addictions Services Coordinator for Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO). I openly identify as someone with a psychiatric disability, who is a trauma survivor and who has lived experience of the mental health system. I [...]

Implementation, Training & Education Updates March 2016

March 21, 2016 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon A part of my job that I get excited about the most is talking about Trauma Informed Care (TIC) with folks who use and work in a variety of systems. In the past few months I have worked with medical providers, medical assistants, safety-net providers, school personnel, quality assurance staff, and administration to provide foundational knowledge and implement the application of TIC standards in these different settings. I am excited about the energy in the education system [...]

Trauma Informed Care in the Classrooms of Higher Education

March 20, 2016 From Jen Smith, School of Social Work Intern, Portland State University It was my first day of graduate school when the class was asked to go around in a circle and say what brought us to the field of social work. Other than getting nervous to speak in front new people, I really didn’t think much of the exercise. However, as my classmates went around and told stories about their family’s struggles with mental health, histories of homelessness or addiction, and the barriers of being a first [...]

Implementation, Training & Education Updates

January 22, 2016 From Mandy Davis, PhD., Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon Happy New Year! Thank you for your amazing support, energy, and work this past year. We have had the opportunity to share information about trauma informed care with child welfare, self-sufficiency, housing, early childhood, health care, judicial, mental health providers, school personnel and more. Through a variety of ways we have been asking many of you about what is working, what is challenging, and how Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) can support both implementation efforts and sustainable training and [...]

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Professional Education & Trauma Informed Practices

August 22, 2015 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon "I truly believe that understanding the impact of trauma, especially identifying and remedying the systemic perpetuation of it by incorporating the simple yet fundamental changes of being trauma informed is essential to advancing social justice on a macro level and ensuring personal health and opportunity for all individuals. - Kate Blazer, MSW Student An important part of advancing trauma informed practices is getting this information into professional education programs. We know many of you are infusing this knowledge [...]