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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

September 24, 2016 From Debby Jones, CPS, Wasco County Certified Prevention Specialist, YouthThink Director As a Certified Prevention Specialist for Wasco County, I am often asked at what age should a parent start talking to their child about the risks of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. My answer to that question has dramatically changed over the last several years and it has to do with a combination of 6 letters . . . SEL and ACEs. SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning  and ACEs stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. These [...]

Trauma Informed Service Delivery in the African American Community

July 26, 2016 From Sahaan McKelvey, Program Manager of Family Stabilization Services Self Enhancement, Inc. Self Enhancement, Inc.'s Service Delivery Approach At Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) we provide a wide array of services to increase the capacity of our community to thrive. We provide services to everyone, but as the largest African American service provider in the state of Oregon it is our mission to provide culturally specific services to the African American community. The state of Oregon has a very unique and damaging history with regards to the treatment [...]

Giving Back to the Community

July 23, 2016 From Isha-Charlie McNeely, BS, Founder, Back-2-School-Fresh, My Life Supervisor Back-2-School-FRESH is Filling the Void of Financial Hardship Back-2-School-FRESH (B2SF) is a non-profit that strives to provide children experiencing adversity and/or at-risk youth with strong and enduring connections to the assets and resources in their community. This is accomplished through an annual fair, which is scheduled for August 28, 2016, that provides free services and donations to all school-aged students. B2SF objective is to help assist low-income and minority families in making sure that each student that is connected [...]

Implementation, Training & Education Updates Summer 2016

July 20, 2016 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon The Both . . . And While collaborating with many of you around the state, I am having more and more conversations about the relationship between equity and inclusion work and trauma informed care. The tragedies in July validate, yet again, the importance of talking about racism and systemic oppression as we further explore the impact of trauma on families, organizations, and communities. We decided to focus our summer newsletter on topics related to the cultural responsiveness of Trauma Informed [...]

Young Adult Change Agents Wanted

March 23, 2016 From The Youth Advisory Planning Committee, Trauma Informed Oregon Are you a young adult or youth between the ages of 16 and 25? Have you experienced systems that did not help you in the best way possible? Have you wanted to get involved in sharing your experiences to improve it for others? If so, Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon and Trauma Informed Oregon are starting a Youth Advisory Council and are accepting applications. It is an opportunity to get your voice heard throughout the state, develop social media, create [...]

Bring Youth to the Table

April 10, 2015 From: Emmie Brunelle, College Student and Foster Care Alumni The idea of having youth at the table of policy work, curriculum development, and any sort of meetings deemed exclusive to professional workers has been both scary to some while exciting for others. While I understand both sides of this, I've come to enjoy the reality that having youth at the table is more than just a body filling a seat. A youth voice that is allowed to speak their mind and be heard while being a catalyst for [...]

The Advantages and Challenges of Peer Support

February 12, 2015 From: Calvin Bates, Peer Support Specialist As a Peer Support Specialist I've encountered a few individuals that have expressed interest in becoming one themselves. This article is for those that are contemplating whether or not to get involved. There are advantages and challenges to peer support work and it's important to examine them before making a commitment. Below is a short list to consider based on my own observations of just over eight months into my job. Advantages: You get to share your experiences with others. [...]

Youth Perspective: Getting Through the Holidays

December 17, 2014 From: Samson Jones, Oregon Foster Youth Connection The holidays can be a hard time for many of us, and especially for children and youth with limited supports or families to spend time with during the holidays. To better understand what it might be like to be a young person in care during the holidays, below is an interview with a youth in foster care. Experience from a Young Adult Jon is 18 years old and is currently in transitional housing. He has been in foster care since he was 15 years [...]