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Trauma Informed Care Around the State

Around Oregon, partners across many systems serving children and families are working within their own organizations and sometimes together to incorporate the principles of Trauma Informed Care into how they do business. Partners are approaching this effort from different angles and with different priorities, but often efforts include:

  • Trauma Informed Oregon TrainingMaking sure staff at all levels are aware of the relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and physical, mental, and behavioral health outcomes in adulthood; seeking ways to use this understanding to support families and reduce the impact on children.
  • Making sure staff understand how histories of complex prolonged trauma across the lifespan can affect individuals with lived experience and the workforce; learning new skills to respond more effectively to individuals with lived experience.
  • Undertaking an assessment of their programs, agencies, and/or the intersection with other service systems; using what they learn to make changes in policies, procedures, and practices to be more trauma informed.
  • Creating new tools for supervision to support trauma informed care in their organizations.
  • Recognizing that care of staff and workers is the first step in creating a culture of trauma informed care; taking concrete steps to create a more supportive work environment.
  • Using consultation and guidance appropriately to sustain momentum and support continuing efforts.

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