square bulletBlack Lives, TIC, and Workforce Wellness: Part 2

June 23, 2020

Michelle Lewis, MSW, Steffannie Roache, MS, LPC, Roberta Hunte, PhD, and Rebecca Davis, MA, CSWA, come together for part two of connection and conversation.

For Black people watching this, I hope it provides a sense of validation, celebration, and healing.

For white people watching this, I invite you to listen, not just with your minds, but with your bodies. For example, listen for the impact training white people can have on Black facilitators and participants. Are you compensating Black and Brown trainers knowing the impact this has (think about hazard pay)? Do you ask to see the material ahead of time because you are worried about talking about racism? Reflect on if we are using white western ways as we address racism. Hear that making things comfortable for white people is not to lessen our discomfort, but because it is necessary to keep Black people safe—financially, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. I invite you to listen for what you have done and for what you didn’t realize and reflect how to do differently. As you will hear “this country cannot heal until truth is spoken” and this truth is acknowledged.