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Suicide, Trauma, and Trauma Informed Care – TIO Happenings September/October 2017

September 28, 2017 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month and so we are using our September newsletter to highlight what Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) is doing as well as other voices around Oregon. One of TIO’s goals for the next two years is to share resources that connect what we know about suicide with what we know about trauma and trauma informed care. One way we are doing this is by supporting the work of Oregon’s Youth Suicide Intervention [...]

Oregon Health Authority’s Strategy to Reduce Youth Suicide

September 27, 2017 From Ann Kirkwood, Youth Suicide Intervention Coordinator, Oregon Health Authority Youth suicide is a tragedy we can and must prevent. Alarmed by Oregon’s increasing rate of suicide among young people, the Legislature in 2014 recognized the need for a comprehensive strategy to reduce youth suicide. ORS 418.704 called for development of a Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan to guide multi-faceted efforts through 2020. The Plan developed by 100 subject matter experts called for creation of the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide to guide the [...]

Zero Suicide and Trauma Informed Care

September 25, 2017 From Meghan Crane, Zero Suicide Program Coordinator, Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority A Role in Preventing Suicide During National Suicide Prevention Month in September, messages relay that we all have a role in preventing suicide. This message extends to healthcare organizations—including behavioral health, hospital systems, primary care, emergency departments, and healthcare coverage—to transform suicide care to significantly reduce suicide. There has been a recent focus on healthcare’s role in preventing suicide, particularly in emergency department and primary care settings. This focus is due to [...]

Gift Wrapped in a Funny Box

September 22, 2017 From Pam Pearce, CRM, Co-Founder, Oregon Recovery High School Initiative; President, Community Living Above The prevention of substance abuse and the national epidemic substance abuse has become are both big topics today. It seems that our country is finally coming to grips with the fact that the opioid epidemic is one of our greatest tragedies. Addiction is powerful, and it likes to manipulate its environment into creating false social norms. When our communities believe these false realities people have devastating consequences.  Substance Use Disorder (SUD) [...]

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Natural Disasters . . . Thoughts and Resources

September 7, 2017 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon I am finding it hard to focus on my "todo" list as thoughts of floods, fires, hurricanes, and deportation swirl around my brain. My thoughts today are about the fear, helplessness, disbelief, anger, sadness, and grief so many across the world are experiencing. I am thinking about indigenous people across the world who are watching their lands being destroyed. I am thinking about those who are houseless, are dependent on medical care, do not have transportation, [...]

Questioning “Business as Usual” – TIO Happenings July/August 2017

August 1, 2017 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon A Few Changes Along with changes to the Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) website, you might notice that our newsletter has a bit of a new look. We've changed the template slightly and we're also focusing our newsletters - and my TIO Happenings blog post - around a particular theme. I will be sharing my own perspective on that theme as well as connecting the blog to what's going on at TIO. If you haven't subscribed to our [...]

Implementation, Training & Education Updates July/August 2017

August 1, 2017 From Ana Hristić, MA, MSW, CSWA, Training and Education Coordinator, Trauma Informed Oregon Changes to the Resources for Training & Education Page The new and improved TIO website features some great ways of organizing the wealth of resource we have collected over the years. I wanted to highlight an area that may be of interest to those who 1) participate in a TIO training and/or 2) wish to share the information they've learned. We've uploaded slides for some of the trainings that we currently deliver. [...]

Changes to the Website

August 1, 2017 From Diane Yatchmenoff, PhD, Special Projects, Trauma Informed Oregon and Camilla Pettle, Assistant Manager, Trauma Informed Oregon What's New? As the list of resources on the Trauma Informed Oregon website has grown over time, some of you have told us that it was getting cumbersome to navigate. With the help of our amazing website guru, Brittany Smith of Build Social, we came up with a solution! We are excited to announce that we’ve just completed a significant restructuring of the Resources section. We think the [...]

Trauma Informed Oregon Happenings May/June 2017

May 31, 2017 From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon Trauma Informed Oregon Review As Trauma Informed Oregon’s (TIO) fiscal year ends (and because I said I would) I wanted to share some highlights from our work these past few years and what we're focusing on next. Our work here at Trauma Informed Oregon mostly falls into the four areas outlined in our framework, which include training and education, policy and investment, implementation and accountability, and centralized resources and community building. Lets look at some numbers [...]

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Alternative Breakfast Service Models as a Method for Mitigating the Effects of Trauma

May 22, 2017 From Annie Marges, Oregon Department of Education, Child Nutrition Specialist, Direct Certification Coordinator Hunger Persists in Oregon Oregon continues to be one of a handful of states in which hunger persists, with one in six Oregonians experiencing food insecurity. Furthermore, studies demonstrate that hunger is a public health concern with long-term consequences that reach far beyond the classroom. With this in mind, Child Nutrition Programs have worked with the State Legislature to provide students with additional opportunities to eat breakfast and with partners around the state who [...]

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