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HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response

December 4, 2017 From Ginger Nickel, BA, BS, Oregon Area Coordinator, HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response When I was young, Babe, a rough-coated Collie, was my constant companion. We played together, wandered the neighborhood (it was the 1950s) and enjoyed a mostly carefree life. We shared snacks and were just all-around best buddies. In retrospect I realize she also was there for me during my most difficult times. Babe stood or sat quietly while I buried my face in her fur and cried when my brother tore the head [...]

Houselessness in Natural Areas

November 30, 2017 From Kathleen Guillozet, Bonneville Environmental Foundation This blog originally appeared in The Intertwine. On a sunny fall morning, over 90 regional natural resource managers, social workers, and advocates for unhoused people gathered in Portland around a pressing challenge: How can we do a better job supporting unhoused people and sustaining our natural areas? Why do unhoused people shelter in natural areas? Turns out there are a lot of reasons. Houselessness is rapidly becoming a priority topic for parks and natural area managers in both [...]

Weathering the Storm

November 28, 2017 From Charlie McNeely, Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator, Trauma Informed Oregon As a part of our focus on trauma informed care and resiliency for the November/December newsletter Charlie has shared her experience of Hurricane Katrina while attending college at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana. I moved to New Orleans to attend Xavier College in July 2005. My aunt accompanied me to help me settle into college and it didn’t take long for us to experience the southern kindness folks talk about—from two ladies offering us [...]

Preparing People for Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest

November 27, 2017 From Bob Doppelt, International Transformational Resilience Coalition Coordinator A sold out conference was held November 15–16 at Portland State University to launch a movement to make the Pacific Northwest the first trauma-informed human resilience-enhancing region in the US for climate change-enhanced—and other—traumas and toxic stresses. Preparing People for Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest, organized by the International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC), drew people from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, and from as far away as Louisiana and Massachusetts. Conference Focus The conference [...]

Zero Suicide and Trauma Informed Care

September 25, 2017 From Meghan Crane, Zero Suicide Program Coordinator, Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority A Role in Preventing Suicide During National Suicide Prevention Month in September, messages relay that we all have a role in preventing suicide. This message extends to healthcare organizations—including behavioral health, hospital systems, primary care, emergency departments, and healthcare coverage—to transform suicide care to significantly reduce suicide. There has been a recent focus on healthcare’s role in preventing suicide, particularly in emergency department and primary care settings. This focus is due to [...]

The Role of Trauma in Suicidal Behavior

September 25, 2017 From Terry Ellis, LCSW, Executive Director and Clinical Director, Wolf Pack Consulting and Therapeutic Services, LLC  National Suicide Prevention Week was September 10th to the 16th. As a child and family therapist, supervisor, and person who works on planning, designing, implementing, and administering child and family service programs, I thought a lot this year about the role trauma plays in relation to suicidal behavior in children, adolescents, and adults. Impact of Childhood Trauma It has been determined events that impact development, such as childhood trauma, [...]

Sports – Preventative Medicine

September 24, 2017 From Kaig Lightner, MSW, Founder and Director of Portland Community Football Club I am fairly certain that when my parents dragged me to my first little league practice they didn’t realize they were introducing me to the very thing that would save my life. I still remember that first practice so clearly. It was for a team called the Peppermint Patties. I was 8 years old and I was hooked the moment the ball smacked into my glove. The next season it was soccer, then basketball [...]

Postvention is Prevention

September 23, 2017 From A. Del Quest, PhD, LCSW, Assistant Professor, Pacific University Oregon CAUTION: Content may be upsetting to some readers. Those of us who work in the suicide field know the importance of effective aftercare (postvention) for family members and friends of someone who died by suicide. Postvention refers to those activities that provide support and grief services in the aftermath of a suicide death. As providers, we know how critical that care is for long term recovery. Research has shown that those who lose a [...]

Gift Wrapped in a Funny Box

September 22, 2017 From Pam Pearce, CRM, Co-Founder, Oregon Recovery High School Initiative; President, Community Living Above The prevention of substance abuse and the national epidemic substance abuse has become are both big topics today. It seems that our country is finally coming to grips with the fact that the opioid epidemic is one of our greatest tragedies. Addiction is powerful, and it likes to manipulate its environment into creating false social norms. When our communities believe these false realities people have devastating consequences.  Substance Use Disorder (SUD) [...]

Fear of White: Inter-Generational Racial Trauma

July 31, 2017 From Tina Semko, Vice President of Operations, Right To Health When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, my family immigrated to the United States as refugees. With little else but their clothes in a hobo bag—my grandmother, grandfather, and all seven of their living children—got on a plane, landed in Honolulu, and then arrived in Yakima, Washington. Their destination was the American dream. The freedom from communism and the livelihood of a better life far from war and its effects. The story goes that life [...]