The Importance of Disability Culture

July 30, 2021 Morrigan Hunter (they/them) is a former MSW intern at Trauma Informed Oregon. The sixth principle of trauma informed care looks at cultural, historical, and gender issues. As an Autistic person I have seen how important it is for service providers to know about disability culture. It is also important to know that different disability communities can have different views from each other. This article considers trauma informed care for Autistic people. I hope that it encourages discussion about what trauma informed care can look like [...]

TIO’s Research Page Offers Opportunity for Collaboration and Collective Learning

February 23, 2021 From Stephanie Sundborg, PhD, Director of Research and Evaluation, Trauma Informed Oregon With this newsletter’s theme focused on collaboration and mutuality, I thought it is a great time to introduce the research page on Trauma Informed Oregon’s website.  In the spirit of collaboration, my hope with the research page is to create a space where you can learn from and share with others who are doing the work of trauma informed care (TIC).   As you’ve heard me say before, the evidence base for TIC, while [...]

How I Went from Powerless to Now Empowering

August 12, 2020 From Breanna Bell, Current MSW Student and Youth Advocate, Former Better Futures Youth I knew from a very young age the type of social worker I wanted to be. Since my entrance to the world of foster care I had far too many social work “professionals” in my life, more than I can count. The majority of them never stuck around long enough for them to even know how to correctly pronounce my name. More often than not the various case workers, mentors, and [...]

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Empowering Youth to be Our Future Leaders

August 11, 2020 From Caitlan Wentz, Suicide Prevention Coordinator with Youth Era How does empowering youth lead us to a brighter future? Youth are the future, and empowering them to use their voice is important because they will be our future leaders. Our goal at Youth Era is to help each youth work towards being a better leader and work towards their future. Youth Era is a nonprofit organization that provides peer support to youth ages 14-25. Our mission is to “empower young people and create breakthroughs [...]

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An Incredible Galaxy of Online Peer Support Offerings

June 9, 2020 From Laura Rose, MPA, NFPM Connecting with an individual having lived experience who can listen, understand, relate and grow with us wherever we are in our journey is what we call Peer Support. Wellness is an active dynamic process of change and growth, becoming aware and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.1 Acceptance, belonging, purpose and hope are keys to recovery and wellness. PeerGalaxy Calendar’s menu of diverse offerings affords ingredients for recipes of fellowship and discovery. This spring, [...]

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Meeting Youth Where They’re At

June 8, 2020 From Gina Gervase, Communications Specialist, Youth Era As a youth peer support organization, engaging young people is always our top priority. We know youth love technology so we are always trying new things to see what works. We’ve brought fighting robots to our drop centers, built an app to gamify engagement and participation, and started live streaming on Twitch to reach underserved youth online. So, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and stay-at-home orders forced us to close our in-person services, [...]

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Trustworthiness, Transparency & the Positive Discipline Approach

From Julia Tomes, M.A.T., Certified Positive Discipline Trainer Take a minute to think of a child you know and care for deeply. Think about all the challenging behaviors that child does and make a mental or written list of those behaviors. It’s probably quite a long list, especially if at this time you, like me, are quarantined in your home with that child. Now take a deep breath, close your eyes, and picture that same child all grown up, perhaps age 25 or older. Imagine you are sitting at [...]

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Intentional Peer Support Principles Applied during COVID-19

From Danielle Grondin, Director of Training & Consulting, FolkTime and Samantha Buchholz, MSW Intern, FolkTime Intentional Peer Support (IPS) is a relational framework developed in the 1990s by Shery Mead and others who were active in the consumer/survivor/x-patient movement. It has evolved over the years while engaging many people in the work of transformative, mutually responsible relationships. The formation of IPS’s Principles and Tasks gives gravity to our ideals, distilling the extensive core content down to digestible pieces that we can hold on to, even in the midst of [...]

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Welcome to the Wellness Center!

From Ann Hargraves, MA, Behavior Specialist, and Jennifer Johnson, MAT, Behavior Specialist, Hillsboro School District, Oregon Like many other school districts, we were struggling mightily with the excessive challenges of unexpected and unsafe behaviors that were happening in our K-2 grade levels. We needed to do something! One of our administrative leaders read Fostering Resilient Learners by Kristin Souers and Pete Hall, where the mention of a wellness center/room stuck and inspired him to action. Soon after, a clear idea and strong intention became our mission to support student and [...]

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Searching for a Trauma-Informed Provider

From Sky Lockhart, Student Intern, Portland State University's School of Social Work In our offices at Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) it is not uncommon for the buzz of the telephone to present questions about the wide spectrum of Trauma Informed Care (TIC). Many Oregon residents call TIO seeking a provider directory of trauma-informed (TI) practitioners. Perhaps they are pursuing a transparent and communicative dentist, a TI gynecologist, or providers serving marginalized communities in a culturally responsive manner. As a student intern with the Portland State University’s School of Social [...]

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