Youth Held Space to Heal the Pain of Adults

November 27, 2019 Originally published on I AM M.O.R.E. From S. Renee Mitchell, Creative Revolutionist, Principal Consultant for I Am M.O.R.E. (Making Other Resiliency Experiences) SUNRIVER; October 2019: Many of the attendees of the youth-facilitated Nothing About Me Without Me workshop at the Trauma Informed Care in Oregon Conference thought they would be getting only information about how to work with traumatized youth. But, the adults in the room were also invited to recognize and own the ways that unprocessed trauma shows up in their work and family [...]

Juvenile Justice Prevention in School Outreach

May 30, 2019 From Robin Hausen, School Lead Outreach Officer,  Juvenile Justice Prevention Department, Grants Pass, Oregon What we know about trauma is when “bad behaviors” are present in children, they are actually impacts of traumatic experiences and attachment issues. As school outreach officers Robin Hausen and her colleagues, Michael Emanuel, Rosa Dominque, and Craig Owen, understand this and are working towards providing care in a way that challenges how these youth are viewed. Adapt Day-to-day trauma can affect children and adults. We all handle the effects of [...]

HOOTS: Mobile Mental Health in School Settings

April 5, 2019 From Laurel Lisovskis, MSW, QMPH, CSWA, Crisis Worker/Clinical Manager for CAHOOTS, School Social Worker for Springfield Public Schools School counselors, and teachers, for that matter, know how difficult it can be to meet the emotional needs of students. Most have extremely demanding caseloads, and each student brings a unique experience from home and social settings. The expectations are high, and the more invested school staff are, the more overwhelming it can seem. Enter HOOTS, an acronym for Helping Out Our Teens [...]

Wellness: Perspectives from Native Youth

February 11, 2019 From Jessica Johnson, LCSW, and Ombria Cassadore While working with Native teens as a therapist over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time chatting about self-care. We talk about how to set ourselves up for being able to cope well when things get rough. Recently, I talked with a few Native high school students at an annual health fair about how they take care of themselves, and here’s a bit of their insight. Use Your Mind Creatively Many youth to whom I [...]

Trauma-Informed Care for Every Body

February 4, 2019 From Haley Jones, BS Since the rise of national “obesity” prevention campaigns, the incidence of weight stigma has increased by about 66%. Though efforts to combat “obesity” are well-intentioned, the research is clear: the overemphasis on weight and the value our culture places on “thinness” can encourage disordered eating and have counterproductive effects (NEDA, 2018). Worth $66 billion dollars in the US, the “health and wellness” industry reinforces the belief that the ultimate standard of beauty and health is possessed by those that are heterosexual, [...]

Validation of Our Voice

December 12, 2018 From Carmen Flores, Youth Program Manager When the opportunity arose to share a part of my life experiences on this platform I hesitantly said yes. As I began thinking about what I would write, I was annoyed with myself for agreeing because what could I say that would be of interest to an intellectual audience? What could I share of value as a non-profit Spanish speaking immigrant employee, associate degree holder, and thirtysomething brown mother of three? What? In my moments of frustration and deep [...]

Culturally Specific Apps

December 7, 2018 From Isha-Charlie McNeely, Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator, Trauma Informed Oregon I believe that mobile education and the visibility of people of color in the digital world is important for multiple reasons. For one,  I have observed over the years working in child welfare serving minority communities and families how heavily dependent African Americans and Latinos are on their smartphones. This is a direct result of the lack of access to broadband connection at home, as well as there are fewer options for going online [...]

For Youth by Youth: Foundations of Trauma Informed Care

October 4, 2018 From Isha-Charlie McNeely, Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator, Trauma Informed Oregon The 2018 Oregon Teen Conference provided an opportunity for foster youth to understand how trauma affects their mind, body, and self-esteem with the goal of restoring healing and power along with new tools for their health. This conference included various interactive and informative wellness workshops and activities sponsored by FosterClub and the Independent Living Program. The FosterClub All Stars and Oregon Trauma Advocates Coalition (OTAC) partnered to develop a youth-led Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Workshop, [...]

The Importance of Lived Experience

January 31, 2018 From Lee Ann Phillips, MSW, Project Manager, Trauma Informed Oregon Happy New Year! As the Project Manager on Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) and often the first point of contact, I have had the wonderful opportunity to hear about the amazing trauma informed work that is being done around the state to improve services. I have heard about the challenges, barriers, successes, and innovative practices. I have seen Trauma Informed Care (TIC) roll across many systems, communities, and populations [...]

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