Expanding Knowledge of Youth Engagement

January 26, 2018 From Cammisha Manley, MSW/MPH Intern, Trauma Informed Oregon My name is Cammisha Manley and I am a MSW/MPH intern at Trauma informed Oregon (TIO) where I have had the opportunity to apply my interests in mental health and organizational change. I have always been excited for opportunities to build relationships through youth engagement within my family, mentorship opportunities, and organizations that serve youth. Youth inspire me to participate in social justice and social change work with the hope of [...]

January 26th, 2018|Youth & Young Adults|

Empowering Youth to Have Trauma Informed Experiences in Emergency Rooms

September 27, 2017 From Lauren Conn, Wraparound Youth Support Partner, Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon; Co-chair, Oregon Trauma Advocated Coalition Youth Experiences in the Emergency Room As a teen, I attempted suicide multiple times and frequently went to the emergency room for suicidal ideation. These experiences were scary and confusing—the worst were re-traumatizing and even the best felt disempowering. Currently, I work with teens as a wraparound youth partner—while some youth report positive emergency room experiences to me, other youth describe traumatic experiences that occurred during emergency room visits and [...]

Oregon Health Authority’s Strategy to Reduce Youth Suicide

September 27, 2017 From Ann Kirkwood, Youth Suicide Intervention Coordinator, Oregon Health Authority Youth suicide is a tragedy we can and must prevent. Alarmed by Oregon’s increasing rate of suicide among young people, the Legislature in 2014 recognized the need for a comprehensive strategy to reduce youth suicide. ORS 418.704 called for development of a Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan to guide multi-faceted efforts through 2020. The Plan developed by 100 subject matter experts called for creation of the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide to guide the [...]

Youth Engagement in the Emergency Room

July 30, 2017 From Oregon Trauma Advocates Coalition Hello there! This is Trauma Informed Oregon’s youth-led advisory board, the Oregon Trauma Advocates Coalition (OTAC). We are an advisory board comprised of young adults aged 16-26 from all over the state. Although recently formed in the spring of 2016, we have been hard at work completing our goals for the year and developing tools to improve systems that serve youth. We have just finished one awesome tip sheet for use in emergency rooms and have a draft of another being [...]

Former Foster Youth Testifies at the Legislature

March 23, 2017 From CJ Jones, Active Oregon Foster Youth Connection Member Hey everyone, my name is CJ. I am a 20-year-old former foster youth of Oregon’s foster care system for 10 years, as well as an active and enthusiastic member of Oregon Foster Youth Connection (OFYC). I am a new member within the last three months, and loving every little bit of it and every detail that comes with being a part this community/organization. Being new, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous and [...]

Strengthening Sibling Connections for Foster Youth

March 21, 2017 From Lisa McMahon, Oregon Foster Youth Connection, Program Director  Importance of Sibling Connections Long-term connections are rare for many children in the foster care system. Caseworkers change and foster parents are often temporary. A Sibling can feel like the only truly permanent relationship for many foster youth. Unfortunately, many youth feel out of control when trying to maintain relationships with siblings over the course of their time in foster care. Maintaining and strengthening sibling bonds was the goal of 31 current and former foster youth [...]

Wraparound Team Planning Process Supports Youth and Their Families

January 26, 2017 From Lauren Conn, Wraparound Youth Support Partner, Washington County, Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon Team Planning Process Wraparound is a team planning process that supports youth and their families in reaching their goals while remaining in their communities. Wraparound teams typically include youth, family members, professional supports, and natural supports who come together to create individualized plans to support the success of the young adult.  It is critical to the overall success of the wraparound process that these plans remain both youth and family driven. The inclusion [...]

Bring Youth to the Table

April 10, 2015 From: Emmie Brunelle, College Student and Foster Care Alumni The idea of having youth at the table of policy work, curriculum development, and any sort of meetings deemed exclusive to professional workers has been both scary to some while exciting for others. While I understand both sides of this, I've come to enjoy the reality that having youth at the table is more than just a body filling a seat. A youth voice that is allowed to speak their mind and be heard while being a catalyst [...]

Youth Perspective: Getting Through the Holidays

December 17, 2014 From: Samson Jones, Oregon Foster Youth Connection The holidays can be a hard time for many of us, and especially for children and youth with limited supports or families to spend time with during the holidays. To better understand what it might be like to be a young person in care during the holidays, below is an interview with a youth in foster care. Experience from a Young Adult Jon is 18 years old and is currently in transitional housing. He has been in foster care since he was 15 [...]

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