August 1, 2017

From Diane Yatchmenoff, PhD, Special Projects, Trauma Informed Oregon and Camilla Pettle, Assistant Manager, Trauma Informed Oregon

What’s New?

As the list of resources on the Trauma Informed Oregon website has grown over time, some of you have told us that it was getting cumbersome to navigate. With the help of our amazing website guru, Brittany Smith of Build Social, we came up with a solution!

We are excited to announce that we’ve just completed a significant restructuring of the Resources section. We think the changes will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and makes our search function more robust.

As in the past, on the Home Page, you’ll be able to navigate to individual pages: Resources for Organizations, Resources for Training & Education, Resources for Individuals & Families, and a newly crafted Resources for Fields of Practice (which includes tools for Clinical Practice as well as some new areas we’re adding, such as Schools, Healthcare, and Addressing Suicide).

Instead of a list of resources on each page, however, we’ve put all of the resources into a database. This means that you can select resources by category or search by the name of a resource (or even by keywords). It’s also easier to move between the Resource pages (see the sidebar menu on the right side).

For example, check out the Resources for Organizations page.  Note that there are category headings that will help you find resources for Workforce Wellness, Assessment and Strategic Planning, Trauma Informed Practices, etc.  The database configuration allows us to cross-reference resources so some will appear in multiple categories.

Need Help?

Be sure to check out the changes, and let us know right away if you need help.  Contact Camilla Pettle at TIO, or 503-725-9659 for assistance.


If the revamped Resources pages aren’t enough of a reason to bring you back to the site more frequently, then our efforts to blog more regularly should do the trick! We added a blog on July 25th about an exciting free conference for girls happening August 17-18th. As we blog more often in the future be sure to check the “Latest from the Blog” section of the home page to see what’s new. And of course the newest blog posts will always be listed on the Blog page.