TIO Talk – July/August 2020

Learn more about the trauma-informed care principle: Empowerment, Voice, and Choice.

Trauma Informed Oregon

Trauma Informed Oregon

2020 • July/August Issue | Welcome to Trauma Informed Oregon Talk, our e-newsletter! Read about the latest happenings at Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO), community conversations we have heard, trauma informed activities across the state, and trauma informed tools and resources we have learned about or added to our website. Check out traumainformedoregon.org for details.

Trauma Informed Care Principle: Empowerment, Voice, & Choice
Mandy Davis, Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, reflects on the importance of voice and choice in implementing trauma informed care, and shares lessons learned and considerations for application. Read more from Mandy Davis in her blog post…
The Heart of Trauma Informed Care
The principle of empowerment, voice, and choice speaks to the heart of trauma informed care. Ana Hristić, Director of Education and Workforce Strategies, invites you to consider how this principle contributes to an ecosystem of prevention & healing. Read more from Ana Hristić in her blog post…
Environments that Encourage Voice & Choice Start with Intentional Listening
Working with TIO’s youth and young adult council, as well as her lived experience, reminds Charlie McNeely, Director of Outreach, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, how important active listening and having choices are, especially during times of toxic stress. Read more in Charlie McNeely’s blog post…
We are Listening: Community Input about Trauma Informed Care
Stephanie Sundborg, Director of Research and Evaluation, shares some of the data TIO has been collecting during the community forums across the state, highlighting the importance of empowerment, voice, and choice. Read more in Stephanie Sundborg’s blog post…

Wellness as a Human Right!
Darell Wade shares about the Black Mens’ Wellness Inititative he founded that provides empowerment through workshops and culturally meaningful resources. He also offers tips for providers. Read more in Darell Wade’s blog post…

2020: Are We Supporting Staff Differently?

Afrita Davis, Program Director & Equity Leadership Consultant, shares her insights on the importance of supervision to promote the wellness and empowerment of staff. Read more from Afrita Davis in this blog post…
Hope, Resilience & Healing
Another contributor to the newsletter, Cameron Whitten, Founder of Black Resilience Fund (BRF), tells us about their program designed to provide financial assistance, food boxes, emotional support, and more to BRF recipients. Read more from Cameron Whitten in this blog post…

How I went from Powerless to Now Empowering
In her blog, Breanna Bell, Youth Advocate and MSW student, shares about her experience as a youth in foster care. She talks about tools she used as a youth mentor to empower youth, find their voice, and show them they matter. Read more in Breanna Bell’s blog post…
Empowering Youth to Be Our Future Leaders
One of the goals of Youth Era is to empower young people to be future leaders. Caitlan Wentz, Suicide Prevention Coordinator at Youth Era, shares some ideas that you might find helpful in working with youth and young adults. Read more from Cailtlan Wentz in this blog post…

August 18, 2020
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