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2018 • January/February Issue  |  Welcome to Trauma Informed Oregon Talk, our e-newsletter! Learn about the latest happenings at Trauma Informed Oregon, community conversations we have heard, trauma informed activities across the state, and trauma informed tools and resources we have added to our website. Check out traumainformedoregon.org for details.

Trauma Informed Oregon News

What’s in Store for 2018 – TIO Happenings

Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, Mandy Davis, shares her goals and sets the stage for the projects TIO will be working on as the year unfolds. TIO is always committed to Trauma Informed Care, but there are many facets to this work and many ways for you to be involved. Read more from Mandy Davis…

Community Ideas

The Importance of Lived Experience

The new year is always a good time to reflect on where you’ve been and what lies ahead. Lee Ann Phillips, Project Manager for TIO, brings us up to date on TIO’s efforts around peer support and lived experience. As 2018 gets underway, she also tells us how she plans to keep these efforts going. Read “The Importance of Lived Experience” blog post…

Meet the New Outreach & Community Engagement Coordinator!

We’d like to officially welcome Charlie McNeely to the TIO team. She has worked with TIO in a couple of different capacities, but now she has an official title. Her name might also be familiar because she’s been a great blog contributor as well as active in the community. Read more from Charlie’s blog post…

Towards a Trauma Informed Community

Community can mean different things to different people. Corrie Halladay has found that her internship at TIO is helping her define community as she supports Columbia County’s Trauma Informed Care Task Force with current efforts to be trauma informed. Read “Towards a Trauma Informed Community” blog post…

Expanding Knowledge of Youth Engagement

Using trauma informed strategies to build resilience in youth is something Cammisha Manley cares about. She is using her internship at TIO (as well as family connections) to increase youth engagement so they can shape their own lives and pursue their own goals. Read the “Expanding Knowledge of Youth Engagement” blog post…

New Tools

Trauma Informed Workplace Accommodation

What happens when the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and Trauma Informed Care (TIC) meet? Kelly Myers, Graduate Research Assistant at TIO, shares some insight around how to make workplace ADA accommodations trauma informed especially when the dis/ability doesn’t have outward symptoms. Read more from Kelly Myers’ blog post… 

Resources for Trauma Informed Care Efforts

TIO wants to give you the resources you need to succeed in your work. Camilla Pettle, Assistant Manger at TIO, wants to help you accomplish this. She hopes the TIO website can supply you with the tools you need as we all strive to learn about or implement Trauma Informed Care. Read the “Resources for Trauma Informed Care Efforts” blog post…

Training and Education

Implementation, Training & Education Updates

It’s all well and good to talk about Trauma Informed Care (TIC), but how do we ensure that in the process of implementing TIC we aren’t perpetuating old patterns of white-centered thinking. Ana Hristić shares her insights on this subject. Read more from Ana Hristić

A Roadmap for Research

As the Coordinator for Research & Evaluation at TIO, Stephanie Sundborg is tasked with measuring outcomes of Trauma Informed Care. She discusses some of her thoughts around the methods and wants to pursue the questions that interest YOU! She needs your experience, expertise, and voice to make our efforts inclusive and representative. Read the “A Roadmap for Reaserch” blog post ...

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