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Trauma Informed Oregon News

Measuring TIC Practices, Efforts, and Initiatives

Because trauma informed care (TIC) organizational change work is relatively new, practices and measures are being created at the same time. The Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, Mandy Davis, talks about ways to approach this evaluation work. Read more from Mandy Davis…

Online Forum Updates

Here are a few new and trending topics in our Discussion Forum. We’d love your participation!

  • TIC in High Schools
  • A trauma informed approach in juvenile services
  • Resources for students/family on stress’ impact on learning
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Community Ideas

Measuring Progress of Trauma-Informed Practices: How Do We Know We Are Making a Difference?

With a project called CLEAR, Grants Pass School District is creating a culture of trauma informed care. Todd Bloomquist, Director of School Improvement, explains how going slow in order to go fast is translating into positive changes. Read more in Todd Bloomquist’s blog post…

Central Oregon Embraces Shared Measurement: Positive Factors to Promote Resilience

Through the work of TRACES (Trauma, Resilience, Adverse Childhood Experiences), Central Oregon is focused on resilience for individuals, organizations, and community. Shannon Lipscomb and Brianne Kothari share more about this collective work. Read Shannon Lipscomb and Brianne Kothari’s blog post…

Systems Change From the Ground Up at Oregon DHS Self Sufficiency

Oregon’s Self Sufficiency Program creates a new process for family assessment that is empowering, person-centered, collaborative, and trauma informed. Chris Chabre, special Projects for Oregon Department of Human Services shares more information. Read more from Chris Chabre’s blog post…

Community Health Improvement Process for Trauma Prevention, Reduction, and Community Resilience

Yamhill County focuses on preventing trauma and building resilience in their community health improvement process. Samantha Kinney, Community Health and Wellness Coordinator for Yamhill County, explains their strategic approach. Read Samantha Kinney’s blog post…

New Tools

Assessing Behavioral and Social Health in Pregnant Women

Helen Ballanca, MD, MPH, Associate Medical Director for Health Share of Oregon, describes the Oregon Family Well-Being Assessment. This tool is being used to address the social and behavioral health needs of women seeking maternity care. Read more from Helen Ballanca’s blog post…

Assessing and Improving Communication Styles in Primary Care

Good communication is at the heart of a well-functioning organization. Meg Bowen and Anna Lembke, of Winding Waters, tell us how this community health center is successfully using TeamSTEPPS and DISC. Read more from Winding Waters…

Destination TIC: Using the TIO Road Map and Standards of Practice to Guide Implementation

Is your organization using the Road Map to Trauma Informed Care or the Standards of Practice? Stephanie Sundborg of Trauma Informed Oregon shares some important thoughts about these tools and improvements that are headed your way. Read more from Stephanie Sundborg’s blog post…

Training and Education

Implementation, Training & Education Updates

Ana Hristić, Training and Education Coordinator at TIO, with the input of stakeholders and those with lived experience, has created key topics, skills, learning objectives, and components for foundational TIC training. Read more from Ana Hristić…

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