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2017 • JULY/AUGUST ISSUE Welcome to Trauma Informed Oregon Talk, our e-newsletter! Learn about the latest happenings at Trauma Informed Oregon, community conversations we have heard, trauma informed activities across the state, and trauma informed tools and resources we have added to our website. Check out traumainformedoregon.org for details.

Trauma Informed Oregon News
Questioning “Business as Usual” – TIO Happenings July/August 2017
Our goal for this newsletter was to highlight topics related to mental health and interventions with a hope to expand our “business as usual” notions. The Director of TIO, Mandy Davis, shares her thoughts on the need for a diverse set of strategies to promote wellness, safety, value, and empowerment.  Read more from Mandy Davis…

Changes to the Website
We hope the TIO website has been of great value to you. We also know that we’ve packed a lot of information on the website and that it can be hard to find. To that end, we’ve made some changes we want to tell you about. We hope you find them useful.  Read more about the changes to the TIO website…

Community Ideas
Living on Purpose: Embodying Intentional Peer Support
Sharon Kuehn, the Peer-Run Programs Manager at Community Counseling Solutions, believes in the the healing power of authentic connection. Through Intentional Peer Support, people are able to find self-acceptance and healing.  Read the “Living on Purpose” blog post…Fear of White: Inter-Generational Racial Trauma
By providing her personal story, Tina Semko of Right To Health, shares the complex journey she’s taken to find her identity in a country with racial divides. The inter-generational racial trauma that she experienced drives her to help others with similar experiences understand they are not alone.  Read the “Fear of White” blog post…

My Personal Perspective of Living with Post-Traumatic Stress
Living with post-traumatic stress is not easy. By sharing his personal perspective, Steve Sparks gives insight and voice to this issue. He also highlights a program in Lincoln County that helps him make a difference for others.  Read the “My Perspective on Living with Post-Traumatic Stress” blog post…

Access to Effective Care and Support Can Make All the Difference
Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) works to connect the right support with those experiencing psychosis. Tamara Sale, Director of EASA, provides information about this program and talks about their local outreach.  Read the “Access to Effective Care and Support Can Make All the Difference” blog post…

New Tools
The Courage to be Vulnerable
Through her poetry, Javelin Hardy, author of The Girl Inside of Me, not only shares her personal story but finds healing by connecting with others who have experienced the same trauma and abuse.  Read the “Courage to be Vulnerable” blog post…

They’re Not Too Young, It’s Never Too Soon to Address Trauma
Thanks to new billing codes, offering early therapeutic services for children is now possible. Laurie Theodorou, Early Childhood Mental Health Policy Specialist, provides helpful information about this change.  Read the “They’re Not Too Young” blog post…

Youth Engagement in the Emergency Room
The Oregon Trauma Advocate Coalition (OTAC) has created an awesome tip sheet for medical care providers and staff throughout emergency rooms. This youth organization works to provide resources from a youth perspective.  Read the “Youth Engagement in the Emergency Room” blog post…

Training and Education
Implementation, Training & Education Updates July/August 2017
There are some new features on the website and Ana Hristić, TIO Education and Training Coordinator, walks us through some of the new content on the Resources for Training & Education page. It’s hopeful that these changes will help those who’ve attended trainingsor wish to share information from the trainingsaccess the material more readily.  Read more from Ana Hristić

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