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2018 • March/April Issue  |  Welcome to Trauma Informed Oregon Talk, our e-newsletter! Learn about the latest happenings at Trauma Informed Oregon, community conversations we have heard, trauma informed activities across the state, and trauma informed tools and resources we have added to our website. Check out traumainformedoregon.org for details.

Trauma Informed Oregon News

Trauma Informed Care Efforts in Healthcare

The Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, Mandy Davis, conveys the importance of implementing trauma informed care in the many facets of healthcare even though it can be daunting and we don’t have all the answers. Read more from Mandy Davis…

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Online Forum Updates

Here are a few new and trending topics in our Discussion Forum. We’d love your participation!

  • Should we gather student ACE scores?
  • Do you have an example of how you have applied TIC?
  • Peer group for implementing TIC?
  • Looking for trauma informed dentists
  • Examples of “right brain activities”
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Community Ideas

In The Street and Beyond

Through poetry, Chuck Sve from Old Town Clinic gives us a glimpse of how harsh living on the street can be and ways that the clinic is helping their patients through the process to a more stable existence. Read “In The Street and Beyond” blog post…

Becoming Trauma Informed at the South End of the State!

Dr. Michelle Homer Anderson, a trauma informed care enthusiast who can also be found at Southern Oregon Head Start, shares with us some happenings in the world of healthcare in Southern Oregon. Read more from Dr. Homer Anderson’s blog post…

Gender-Affirming Care is Trauma Informed Care

Because many in the trans/gender non-conforming community have experienced trauma, which can lead to mistrust of their healthcare provider, Jess Guerriero and Amy Penkin from the Transgender Health Program at OHSU share how they are working to reduce the barriers and prevent further trauma. Read “Gender-Affirming Care is Trauma Informed Care” blog post…

We Cannot Give What We do not Have

Being Regional Manager of Social Work Practice and Programs at Providence Health & Services means Sarah Powers knows a thing or two about acts of compassionate service and the toll that can take on caregivers. As hospitals implement trauma-informed practices, Sarah shares ways healthcare staff can and should be part of that process. Read the “We Cannot Give What We do not Have” blog post…

New Tools

Trauma Informed Care Benefiting Both Patients and Staff

When a clinic sets out to implement trauma informed care (TIC) both patients and staff can reap the rewards. Joan Fleishman, Behavioral Health Clinical and Research Director at the Department of Family Medicine at OHSU recounts the steps taken to make TIC part of Family Medicine at Richmond. We also provide the report of their TIC efforts. Read more from Joan Fleishman’s blog post…

Screening for Safety: Evidence-Based Tools to Prevent Suicide in Primary Care

Kristin Dreves, Adolescent Health Project Manager at Oregon Pediatric Society (OPS) provides us with information about the asQ Toolkit, which provides a suicide risk screening tool specifically designed for pediatric primary care providers as well as an assessment, scripts, and more. She also provides information about other OPS efforts in this area. Read more from Kristin Dreves’ blog post…

Training and Education

Implementation, Training & Education Updates

Ana Hristić, Training and Education Coordinator at TIO, tells us about her experience facilitating Train the Trainer in Central Oregon. The training was part of a United Way-led community initiative. Read more from Ana Hristić…

Musings of a Retired Family Doc Who has Learned about ACEs

Rolf Nesse, MD, has retired from the medical profession but he is still sharing his knowledge. By recounting how he learned about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), he provides a valuable timeline along with ideas of how teaching this information is unfolding. Read more from Rolf Nesse’s blog post…

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