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Trauma Informed Oregon News
Trauma Informed Oregon Happenings May/June 2017
Mandy Davis, Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, shares highlights of the past two years as well as what’s on the horizon for the next biennium. As Mandy travels around the state, she encounters people who are implementing programs that might not be called trauma informed care, but follow the principles. Because it’s not always obvious, sometimes we need to map out these connections.   Read More…
Community Ideas
Alternative Breakfast Service Models as a Method for Mitigating the Effects of Trauma
Annie Marges, from the Oregon Department of Education, brings us up to date about the importance of breakfast for students and the programs that provide this meal at school. She also shares important facts around hunger and the ability to learn.   Read More…
Equity for Common Good in Eastern Oregon – Hope for All
Peter Lawson, member of the Malheur County Equity Team, takes us through the steps, including his personal journey, needed to advance equity work in local communities. He describes the framework used to obtain this goal and the progress that’s being made.   Read More…
Trauma, Poverty, and Public Housing
Jemila Hart, Employment and Education Services Coordinator for the Housing Authority of Clackamas County as well as an MSW intern at Trauma Informed Oregon, writes about the links between the impact of trauma and the experience of poverty as it relates to public housing.   Read More…

Community Ideas
Implementation, Training & Education Updates May/June 2017
Train the Trainer Pilot was a success! Training and Education Coordinator, Ana Hristić, fills us in on the details of the training. She also explains how this pilot helped to solidify Trauma Informed Oregon’s intent and role in creating this program.  Read More…Join the Collaborative or the Trainer Database
Trauma Informed Oregon is working with the community and the state to assist in continuing the conversation on collaboration efforts, and implementation of trauma informed care across all systems. We welcome you to join this conversation by sending your ideas to info@traumainformedoregon.orgor to offer your training services on the Trainer Database.
New Tools
Community Resilience to Trauma Offers Creative and Comprehensive Solutions
Even in very oppressed communities, where past and present trauma needs healing, community resiliency models can be useful. Karah Frank, MSW intern for Trauma Informed Oregon, uses components for sustainability to create a model for community resilience.  Read More…
Suicide Prevention Resources in Response to 13 Reasons Why
In light of the debate surrounding the TV show 13 Reasons Why, we’re providing a list of resources as well as links to local voices and opinions on this topic.  Read More…
Information on Youth Summer Programs and Meals

Click on the links below to get information about free meals and other fun summer activities.
  1. Free summer meals, all around Oregon, for youth ages 18 and under (no ID required).
  2. Summer 2017 Teen Events, DHS Independent Living Program partners with various youth organizations and communities to provide opportunities that assist youth who are or were in foster care to become independent adults.
  3. Free lunch and play in Portland, OR.
  4. Free movies, concerts, and open swim in Portland, OR.

June 1, 2017

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