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2018 • November/December Issue  |  Welcome to Trauma Informed Oregon Talk, our e-newsletter! Learn about the latest happenings at Trauma Informed Oregon, community conversations we have heard, trauma informed activities across the state, and trauma informed tools and resources we have added to our website. Check out traumainformedoregon.org for details.

Trauma Informed Oregon News

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) and Equity: What’s the Relationship?

Mandy Davis, Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, has been exploring the intersection between TIC and equity. In her blog, she shares what’s she’s discovering as well as the focus of TIO efforts. Read more from Mandy Davis…

Save the Date!

From October 16 – 18, 2019, there will be a state-wide conference focusing on Trauma Informed Care in Oregon. Please let us know if you are willing to serve on the planning committee as an adviser, or as a reviewer by filling out this quick survey.

Community Ideas

Validation of Our Voice

Although a hesitant blog contributor, Carmen Flores finds her true voice as she shares her thoughts and feelings about her experience as a Latinx woman and teacher. By incorporating the comments of her students we can better understand the importance of their voice as well. Read more in Carmen Flores’ blog post…

Why I Rock 2018

In its second year of existence, Why I Rock is a conference that aims to empower young girls of color and interrupt cycles that have plagued this demographic for years. This blog also highlights the organizer, Sherrelle Jackson, by sharing her story. Read more from this blog post…

New Tools

I Never Thought Choosing My Name Would Bring Me Trauma

By sharing their personal story, Elliott Orrin Hinkle shows us how difficult it is for trans people to change their name and move past their history. They also share a resource for being a trans ally. Read more in Elliott Orrin Hinkle’s blog post…

Culturally Specific Apps

Charlie McNeely, TIO’s Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, has put together a list of apps that highlight or support specific cultures.. She also shares why theses apps can create a sense of belonging. Read Charlie McNeely’s blog post…

Training and Education

Translation vs. Culturally Informed Foundations of TIC: Challenges and Learnings

Lucrecia Suarez and Tori Lopez are sharing their experience of planning and delivering a bi-cultural and bi-lingual Foundations of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) training. Their blog details the process and care they took to be sure the TIC concepts were conveyed in a culturally sensitive manner. Read more from their blog…

Training & Education Updates

It’s time to apply for the April 2019 Train the Trainer cohort. This training is taking place from April 17-19, 2019. Please email Ana Hristić, Training and Education Coordinator at Trauma Informed Oregon, for details. ahristic@pdx.edu

Implementation Updates

The Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Screening Tool is here! Research and Evaluation Coordinator at Trauma Informed Oregon, Stephanie Sundborg, guides us through using this new tool that provides more detail for implementing TIC. Read Stephanie Sundborg’s blog post…

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