September 7, 2017

From Mandy Davis, LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon

I am finding it hard to focus on my “todo” list as thoughts of floods, fires, hurricanes, and deportation swirl around my brain. My thoughts today are about the fear, helplessness, disbelief, anger, sadness, and grief so many across the world are experiencing. I am thinking about indigenous people across the world who are watching their lands being destroyed. I am thinking about those who are houseless, are dependent on medical care, do not have transportation, or are fearful to reach out for assistance. I am thinking about many of my family members in North Carolina as Irma continues.

I am not writing this to offer solutions—just to connect and share. I am coping by trying to stay present and being gentle with myself and those around me—remembering that we are connected to these experiences in many differing ways and that it is OK to take time to feel and reflect and to be cranky, jumpy, or sad. I am also providing support as I can and as TIO can.  If there is anything TIO can do to support you or your community, please let us know. If you have resources you’d like to share, please contact us. Building community resilience is an important focus as we continue to experience these events.

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