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2021 | March/April Issue

Welcome to Trauma Informed Oregon Talk, our e-newsletter! Read about the latest happenings at Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO), community conversations we have heard, trauma informed activities across the state, and trauma informed tools and resources we have learned about or added to our website.

This issue is focused on the trauma informed principle: Collaboration and Mutuality.

Check out traumainformedoregon.org for details.

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TIO News

Valuing of Relationships is Key to Collaboration & Mutuality

Mandy Davis, Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, examines SAMHSA's definition of the trauma informed principle Collaboration and Mutuality. In particular, this post discusses how healing happens in relationships, the sharing of power and decision making, and how everyone has a role to play in healing.

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TIO Creates a Welcome Space for My Thoughts, Not Just My Presence

Ivon Cabañas, BSW Intern at Trauma Informed Oregon, writes about growing as a professional with her work at TIO. In her role, Ivon has been able to collaborate with leadership on policy work, and give back to the Latinx community through projects focusing on mutual aid and empowerment.

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Community Ideas

Importance of Affinity Spaces

In this blog, Isha-Charlie McNeely, Trauma Informed Oregon's Director of Outreach, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, describes affinity spaces, and why they are important. Among other benefits, affinity spaces provide opportunities for communion, reflection, and healing from oppression.

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In What Space Do All of Our Voices Ring?

Des Spicer-Orak, an intern with Trauma Informed Oregon, writes about how individuals exist within hierarchies and power structures, and imagines how those structures might be retrofitted to consider the value of individuals outside of their position relative to capitalist markets.

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Training and Education

Antidotes to Consider During a TIC Training

In this blog, Ana Hristić, Trauma Informed Oregon's Director of Education & Workforce Strategies, explores the principle of Collaboration and Mutuality through the lens of training for trauma informed care. In part, Collaboration and Mutuality provide an antidote to centering only one story, and to ignoring adult learning theory.

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Tools and Resources

TIO’s Research Page Offers Opportunity for Collaboration and Collective Learning

Stephanie Sundborg, Trauma Informed Oregon's Director of Research and Evaluation, introduces tools available on the TIO Research page. The Research page is a repository of resources including research papers, research notes, evaluations from sites implementing TIC, and more.

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TIO Updates

Get to Know TIO's Staff and Interns

Ivon Cabañas is a first-generation Latinx college student and a BSW intern at Trauma Informed Oregon. She is passionate about community outreach and policy work within the Latinx community after graduating this June.

Morrigan Hunter is an agender and autistic MSW intern at Trauma Informed Oregon. They are really passionate about promoting trauma informed care for the disability community, particularly for survivors of abuse who experience disability. They are also very interested in violence prevention and sexual health equity for the disability community.

Dana Hafter-Manza is an MSW intern with Trauma Informed Oregon. She is passionate about peer-delivered services, and believes that valuing and uplifting lived experience is a critical component of trauma informed care. Dana lives with her partner, Christina, and their talkative cat, Jelly Roll.

Des Spicer-Orak is a first-generation queer Palauan poet, who is currently in their final year at Portland State University, and an intern at Trauma Informed Oregon. Des intentionally amplifies the voices of Pasifika communities, as the development of climate crises continue to disrupt island existence and sustenance.

Also, Keep an Eye Out for...

  • We are working on your survey responses about what would be helpful next.
  • We're working on new e-learning opportunities.
  • We're working on community resilience as a part of TIC.
  • Hosted two virtual gatherings (recording coming soon):
    • Adverse Community Experience and Mutual Aid
    • TIC: Centering Culture and Healing Practices
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