July 31, 2019

From Mavel Morales, OHA ADA Coordinator + Civil Rights Investigator, Oregon Health Authority, Equity and Inclusion Division

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) recognizes that individuals with disabilities continue to face inequities, isolation and discrimination.  Current Oregon Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data indicates that nearly “one in four Oregonians lives with a disability.”  In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) nationally recognized the inequities and discrimination faced by individuals with disabilities and provided for national protections.  The ADA requires that public entities and health care providers give individuals with disabilities full and equal access to their health care services and facilities.

As keepers of the public trust, the OHA is committed to complying with federal law and fosters an inclusive environment where different communication needs are identified and met.  If you or someone you know needs an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act to be able to participate in a public OHA event or program please contact OHA’s ADA Coordinator and Civil Rights Investigator, Mavel Morales by emailing OHA.ADAModifications@state.or.us or calling 971-673-3420.  For general resources on the Americans with Disabilities Act please visit ADA.gov or the Northwest ADA Center at nwadacenter.org.  The Northwest ADA Center offers a wide variety of resources to make sure that you understand your obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act including Fact Sheets and training opportunities.