Trainer Database

square bulletBrowsing the Trainer Database

The following table contains a list of trauma informed care trainers in Oregon. You may search for a topic area or specific trainer by using the search box. To see the individual details for a trainer click on “View” in the Details column.

Note: The trainers listed in the database have not been vetted by Trauma Informed Oregon. Anyone can add themselves to the database. If you have questions about a particular trainer or training get in touch with them directly. We have created a general guide on how to select trainers that you can use to support you in your process.

Trauma Informed Oregon values the diversity made possible when learning and collaboration happens across identities, including race, ethnicity, and lived experience. Our goal is to create a database that is equitable, usable, inclusive, and welcoming both to trainers and community partners. If any aspect of this process results in barriers to your inclusion or access, please contact us.

You can also request trainings from TIO directly.