Trauma Informed Care Resources

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Using the search, categories, and filters, please find information and resources about trauma and trauma informed care developed to address the needs of individuals, families, partners, and stakeholders. You can also contact us for help.

Attunement and Self-Assessment in Supervision

Resource developed by TIO with strategies for “tuning” in as a supervisor as well as questions you can use to assess how trauma informed the supervision is. It is not an exhaustive list but it can be helpful in doing a personal assessment. Source: Trauma Informed Oregon Download PDF

COVID-19 Considerations for a Trauma Informed Response for Work Settings

This TIO TIP sheet provides trauma informed considerations for work settings as we all navigate the uncharted territory and response to novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The considerations included in the document are grounded in the principles of trauma informed care. Source: Trauma Informed Oregon English PDF Spanish PDF Vietnamese PDF

Human Resources Practices to Support TIC

List of strategies from TIO to promote trauma informed care through human resource policies and practices, including hiring, onboarding, supervision and performance reviews. Source: Trauma Informed Oregon Download PDF

Organizational Training Plan Template for Trauma Informed Care

This template is an example training plan for organizations seeking to implement a trauma informed staff training plan for current staff and onboarding staff. Source: Trauma Informed Oregon Download PDF

Qualities of Supervision

This table was developed during a supervisor’s retreat held by TIO. Participants were asked to brainstorm on the differences between quality supervision and trauma informed supervision. Source: Trauma Informed Oregon Download PDF

Trauma Informed Care Supervision: Questions and Ideas Table

Table developed by TIO that includes ideas and questions to help supervisors implement trauma informed care in their supervision practices. Source: Trauma Informed Oregon Download PDF

Trauma Lens Exercise

This table developed by TIO provides examples of how you can reframe challenging behaviors through a trauma lens. The examples in the table are some of the most frequently reported in Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) trainings and include challenging behaviors from service recipients and staff. It also includes challenging environmental ... Trauma Lens Exercise