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Implementing trauma informed care will involve all levels of an organization, therefore agency wide communication is critical. While an important goal of communication is to keep staff informed about how the organization is moving forward, a trauma informed agency will create a two-way communication method that allows for staff feedback, ideas, and suggestions. The following are considerations for trauma-informed communication.

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  • Clarity, transparency, and directness are fundamental to a trauma informed approach. Communication efforts should model these values.
  • It is often necessary to share information in multiple formats to reach all staff and participants. Communication can be passed on through:
    • Newsletters
    • Emails
    • Lunch room flyers or posters
    • Forums or meetings
  • Two-way communication allows staff and service recipients to have voice. Feedback from these constituents can be gathered through:
    • Suggestion boxes
    • Blogs
    • Forums or meetings
    • Supervision
    • Focus groups


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