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As described in the Foundational Knowledge Considerations Page, building knowledge is a core component of foundational readiness for Trauma Informed Care (TIC). The introductory material covered in foundational trainings provides a common language and a general overview on the topics important to TIC. To become proficient on the topics related to TIC, individuals and agencies will likely need to supplement with trainings on specialized topics through ongoing education.

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  • Specialized topics can cover a range of content. The following categories provide some examples:
    • Advanced content:
      • Epigenetics
      • Developmental impact of trauma
      • Post trauma growth
    • Trauma specific interventions
      • Tailored for specific populations, such as individuals experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
      • Tailored for specific behaviors, for example affect regulation strategies
      • Tailored for certain settings, for example classroom or educational setting
    • Work related considerations
      • Trauma informed supervision
      • Crisis intervention and de-escalation training
      • Incident debriefing or case consultation
  • Knowledge can be gained through
    • Training
      • An alternative to sending all staff to training is to identify a few staff that can receive the training and bring the information back to others.
    • Webinars and videos
    • Books and discussion groups
  • All levels of the organization should receive ongoing training and education, as needed.


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