Staff and Partners

square bulletLeadership Team

Because we want more diverse voices informing our work, we want to provide more than one way to be involved. Our new format includes a steering committee to provide input and advice about what is needed in communities and identities represented by members. If you are interested in being on the waitlist, please fill out the application. You will be notified when an opening becomes available.

square bulletOregon Trauma Advocates Coalition

Oregon Trauma Advocates Coalition (OTAC) is comprised of a core group of youth from around Oregon who are participating on a monthly youth council to develop trauma informed resources and tools, and give input to improve systems for youth at the local and state level. For youth to find out more information or to apply to OTAC, contact us.

OTAC Members:

Desiree Bansile, Chair, Milwaukie

Ariana Brooks, Member, Milwaukie

Kenzie Butts, Member, West Linn

Diana Marin Duran, Member, Portland

Marta Hanna, Member, Ontario

Andre Mena, Member, Portland

Jaxon Richards, Member, Corvallis

Brittany Schmid, Member, Portland

Jada Serrano, Member, Portland

Caitlin Wentz, Chair, Milwaukie

square bulletTrauma Informed Oregon Staff

Mandy Davis, PhD, LCSW, Director

Cleo Flynn, Project and Administrative Support

Ana Hristić, MA, LCSW, Special Projects

Isha-Charlie McNeely, MS, Training Coordinator

Christine Whitaker, MSW, Project Manager