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Mandy Davis, PhD, LCSW, Director

Mandy Davis, PhD, LCSW, Director of Trauma Informed Oregon

I am so fortunate to be the director of TIO. I started as the clinical director in 2014 at the beginning of TIO and became the director in 2018. In my role I work with organizations to apply TI approaches for both those served and the workforce through training, consulting, evaluating, and innovating. I work to stay informed of what is working across the globe and use this to keep the work relevant, responsive, and evolving. I also work to support the amazing ideas and talents of TIO staff and community partners to create flourishing environments.

I value that healing and flourishing can come from many places and spaces and often involves a weaving of tangible needs with connections and time. Often this process is disrupted as a result of agency or system policies and procedures. I am passionate about TIC because it focuses on removing barriers that cause harm or prevent healing and it invites everyone to find a place in this work. Beyond my work I spend time with my family playing games of all sorts. I also love to curl up with a book or sit in silence staring at the ocean (really any water). I also greatly appreciate other people's cooking.

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Ingrid Anderson, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Practice

Ingrid Anderson, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Practice at Portland State University

Ingrid Anderson, Ed.D. is an Associate Professor of Practice supporting Trauma Informed Oregon and coordinating the Infant Toddler Mental Health Graduate Certificate and the Indigenous First Steps Project at Portland State University. She holds a Master’s in Conflict Resolution and Peaceable Schools from Lesley University.

As an early childhood educator and researcher, she studies the emotions of working in early childhood education. For the past 30 years, Ingrid has worked as a classroom educator, director, administrator, and now a university professor thinking about how we find our purpose in our work. Her passion is holding space for the emotional health of children and adults in educational settings. She has authored two books, "Supporting Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Strength-Based Approach for Early Childhood Educators" (2022) and "Caring for Self: A Workbook for Early Childhood Educator Well-being" (December 2023 release).

Ingrid finds great joy in cooking the traditional recipes of her childhood. You can find her most weekends cooking arroz con gandules for family and friends, spending time reading, or exploring the Pacific Northwest.

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Christy da Rosa, MSW, LICSW, Research Assistant

Christy da Rosa

I am a Research Assistant at Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) and partner with other TIO members or community members to conduct research related to trauma-informed care. I am currently a Ph.D. student through PSU’s School of Social Work. My most recent project was in partnership with Dalia Avello which explored the process of culturally-grounding trauma-informed care trainings to improve training access for Latinx/Hispanic communities in Oregon. I have a background in community mental health as a social worker and have a strong interest in community disaster resilience, especially how trauma and disasters intersect, and hope to continue my research in this direction. Looking forward to working with you!

Beyond my work, I am a fur parent of two four-pawed fluffy butts. I love traversing the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and indulging myself with new plant children.

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Kate Flynn, MSW, Training Coordinator

Cleo Flynn

Kate Flynn (she/her) is the Training Coordinator at TIO. She works with the university and TIO staff to manage and coordinate all administrative aspects of Trauma Informed Oregon. Kate previously worked as an assistant producer and editor in documentary film and earned her MSW at Portland State University. Outside of work, Kate loves to explore the outdoors and is learning to build and fix bikes.

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Danielle Grondin-Villanueva, EMPA, Organizational Change Strategist

Danielle Grondin

Danielle Grondin, she/her/hers, is an Organizational Change Strategist for Trauma Informed Care. Her undergraduate schooling focused on Sociology and Civic Leadership, while her lived experience illuminated the strengths and shortcomings of our current systems of care. She completed an Executive Master of Public Administration program at Portland State University in 2022.

Danielle has been in educator roles for over a decade and is passionate about social justice, intersectionality, sustainability, and holistic healing modalities. She values integrity, community, and systems change work. Danielle loves laughing with her partner, and enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.

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Heide Lambert, Project Manager

Heide Lambert, Project Manager of Trauma Informed Oregon

Heide brings many years of project management to Trauma Informed Oregon. After graduating from The Evergreen State College where she majored in Media Production, she travelled working as a video documentarian, focusing on social justice and environmental subjects close to her heart. In the last twenty years she has served the community in which she resides, working as an Executive Director for community-based organizations, in City Management, and also as an elected City Councilor. Through public service, Heide has continued to grow her passion and effort in increasing community capacity for resilience. Living in rural coastal Oregon for the last decade, she has been involved in advocating for youth, environmental protections and disaster response planning. Heide considers herself a lifelong student of trauma informed practices.

While out of the office, she loves working on her favorite personal projects, raising her teens while growing their garden.

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Steffannie Roache, MS LPC, Professor of Practice

Steffannie Roache

Steffannie Roaché, MS LPC, is an Asst. Professor of Practice at Trauma Informed Oregon and Portland State University with a focus on workforce wellness, equity and inclusion through representation and power-sharing within systems, and the promotion of resources that support healing for communities affected by racialized and historical forms of trauma. She has over 20 years of experience providing trainings focused on resilience, trauma informed care, and culturally centered practices, and nearly 10 years of counseling within group and private practices.

Steffannie has contracted with large and small organizations for workforce wellness, TIC, and DEI offerings and has successfully operated a private counseling and consulting practice. Her life’s passion is to work hand-in-hand with community partners to uplift hope, healing, and social justice within systems.

Steffannie enjoys reading and writing poetry; listening to jazz, fusion, and alternative forms of music; traveling nationally and abroad; and spending time with family and friends outside of work and career activities.

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Christine Whitaker, MSW, Center Manager

Christine Whitaker, MSW, Center Manager of Trauma Informed Oregon

Christine Whitaker, Trauma Informed Oregon’s center manager and graduate of the master’s program at Portland State University. Bringing with her six years of experience with the Oregon Department of Human Services, Christine has worked with families participating in the SNAP/TANF programs experiencing trauma as well as serving the foster youth/foster parent community within Multnomah County.

Coming from immigrant parents who made their way here from Egypt many years ago, she has loved and embraced her culture and those who have been so brave and courageous to choose the U.S. as home. Christine has learned that her passion in life is healing and people. Put them together and Christine is joyful.

Outside of work, Christine spends time with her two children and her quiet time learning ways to help others move towards their life goals.

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