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Resources for Implementing Trauma Informed Care

Find the resources you need as you implement trauma informed care. Browse state, local, and national resources on trauma informed care including materials and databases for health and behavioral health care providers. We've also included resources for community partners, family and youth organizations, and individuals and families.
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Trauma Informed Model of Care for Medical Facilities

October 10, 2018 From Emily Fern Dayton, MS After weeks of monitoring my high-risk pregnancy, at 8.5 months I had a procedure called amniocentesis. An extremely long needle draws amniotic fluid for genetic testing, luckily they found results. A genetic counselor gave us [...]

Making Prison Visitation Programs Trauma Informed

October 9, 2018 From Shannon Turner, MSW, LCSW At the time of writing this blog, there are two million, two hundred-twenty thousand, three hundred adults currently incarcerated in the US. In thirty-five states analyzed in a study, one in every ten inmates has [...]

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