We help organizations and systems restore a sense of safety, power, and self-worth to individuals, families, and communities in the following ways:

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Learn More: Disaster Resilience Learning Network (DRLN)


View & Download: Youth Wellbeing Comic With SOS Quick Links


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Online TIO Open House 2024 – Public

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Trauma Informed Workforce Wellness 2024 – Public

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Somatic Moment 2024, Instructor Varies – Public

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Online Training Modules

Learn the basics of trauma informed care with TIO’s four self-directed modules.

Each module includes a content video, an additional Voices from the Community video that highlights how trauma informed care is being implemented in a specific community, additional resources that you can read to further your learning, questions that can be used for personal reflection, and a content quiz followed by a certificate of completion.

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At Trauma Informed Oregon, we use the term workforce wellness to denote a lever of culture change, within the larger mechanism of trauma informed care implementation, that deserves strategic attention. We focus on factors that compromise or promote wellness of individuals, groups and communities.

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Researchers and practitioners are continuing to learn about trauma informed care so that implementation efforts can be informed, measurement tools can be created, and outcomes can be tested. Trauma Informed Oregon’s implementation and accountability pages serve as a resource for collective learning; where we can share findings of our research and evaluation projects.

Implementation Materials

Road Map to Trauma Informed Care

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Trauma Informed Care Screening Tool

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Trauma Informed Care Logic Model

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Trauma Informed Care Implementation Tool

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Newsletter and Blog

TIO Talk List

Trauma Informed Oregon has a bi-montly newsletter, TIO Talk, that shares information and updates on our activities, ideas and perspectives from contributors and partners, and new resources and tools.

TIO Blog

TIO's blog offers perspectives from the community, event announcements, tools, and training and education on trauma informed care.


Find a Trainer

Browse our Trainer Database for a list of Oregon-based trainers along with trauma informed workshops and certificates that are available.

If you’re a trainer you can also add yourself to the Trainer Database.

Events and Trainings

TIO posts training opportunities, webinars, state-wide events and conferences on trauma informed care. This list includes events hosted by other organizations as well as events hosted by Trauma Informed Oregon.

Voices from the Community

These videos provide various perspectives on trauma informed care.

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Social Media

What Does Trauma Informed Care Mean to You?

This video is a compilation of people from around Oregon answering questions about what trauma informed care means to them.

We hope this will inspire you to further the work of trauma informed care around the state and beyond!