How to Choose a Trainer

square bulletPurpose

There are people throughout Oregon who are available to train on a variety of trauma informed care related topics. Trainers may be found within organizations, communities, universities, colleges and may be part of a national organization or a private practitioner. This document provides both reflective questions and interview questions to help you find the best fit.

square bulletPre-Interview Reflection

Consider these questions prior to exploring training options to help focus your search. Sharing some of your responses with potential trainers is often helpful.

  • Who has already been trained, on what topics, and how recently?
  • Who do you want trained (providers, administration, partners, service participants)?
  • How much time can you give (One day, one hour, multiple trainings over time)?
  • What are your hopes for training?
    • Get people excited about TIC (internal staff and/or community partners)
    • Have participants knowledgeable in foundation content?
    • Provide in-depth knowledge on a specific topic (epigenetics, PTSD)?
    • Participants can practice skills?
    • Learn a trauma specific practice?
  • What resources do you have (money, space, technology)?
  • What are audience preferences/needs to promote a successful training (language, culture, method of presenting information, time of day, length, child care needs, food)?

square bulletInterview Questions

Use the following questions as a guide when you talk to a potential trainer to assess if they are the right fit.

  • Which core components are/are not included in your training (how in-depth)?
  • Have you trained on this before and if so where?
  • What do you recommend for a successful training?
  • For whom are your trainings most relevant?
  • What can the audience expect to learn from your training?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Logistics: how many can attend (min/ max), cost and what this includes, technology needed?
  • How do you create a safe, TI training environment? Anything you need from us?
  • How can you make the training relevant for my staff?
  • Can you provide a bio and description of the training, including learning objectives?
  • Do you have suggestions for how we should market the training?
  • Have you trained audiences (insert information about your audience e.g. receptionists, bus drivers, bi-lingual staff, youth)?