The mental health care system is broken. While thousands of providers work tirelessly to provide essential care to Americans, rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide in our teens and young adults remain high. A long waitlist, the stigmatization of mental health, or people feeling like therapy “isn’t for them” has kept many away from necessary higher levels of treatment, sending many people back into the feedback loop of hospitalization, discharge. Hospitalization… Discharge…

The founders of Charlie Health witnessed this cycle in their Montana hometown, and set out to create a fully virtual intensive outpatient (IOP) program for teens and young adults. As Charlie Health addressed the specific needs of the Montana rural, ranching, and tribal populations, we grew into neighboring states as we saw that access to quality and specialized mental health care was not unique to our home state. As our services have traveled to the PNW, we have seen that not only can Charlie Health’s virtual treatment provide high quality care to those living in the most rural places in the country, but treatment can go beyond the brick and mortar walls of traditional IOP.

Clients who have walked through our zoom doors are complicated and wonderfully unique, and we believe that treatment should reflect that uniqueness. Our diverse staff of trauma informed, masters-level clinicians are carefully matched with specialized client groups to address their specific needs.

The magic of healing is precisely in this diversity. For example, a client who is struggling with past sexual trauma and current gender dysphoria, and who comes from a Spanish-speaking home may not feel seen, heard, or comfortable in traditional IOP where the curriculum and therapists are set in stone. While rigid options may work wonders for some, Charlie Health sees the whole client, and creates a custom treatment plan. This client can come to Charlie Health and receive EMDR therapy in the teen trauma group, create new friendships in the LGBTQAI+ group led by trans therapists, and receive family counseling with bicultural and bilingual therapists.

Virtual treatment is unique in its ability to connect clients and therapists unbound by geography, but bound by experience and culture. Feeling that one’s entire self is seen, heard, and understood by their provider is a cornerstone of healing, especially for teens and young adults whose identities are still evolving. At Charlie Health, we understand the limitless potential virtual IOP has to provide quality, accessible, and specific care to clients in order to stop the hospitalization feedback loop. When the whole client is treated, including their diagnosis, background, culture, and history, they can remain in their communities and heal for good.

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Providers, we’ve also developed content regarding our referral process.