As we strive to center trauma informed care principles in systems and organizations where all voices are valued, we must elevate the voices from many communities. Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) is committed to serving Oregon and we hope that this page can provide ways for you to find community in your work.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Trauma Informed Oregon works with all organizations and agencies to create systematic changes to alleviate and reduce the recurrence of trauma experienced from policies and procedures that perpetuate inequities.

TIO believes that when trauma informed care is done appropriately it will stand on the principles of equity bringing forth the possibility of healing and the inclusiveness of all identities. As such, we have created an Equity Statement to show our commitment to elevate those voices and always strive to center people of color and marginalized populations within the state we are committed to serve.

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TIO's Pledge of Solidarity

As a leading advocate for trauma informed care (TIC) in Oregon, TIO stands in solidarity with those affected by racist policies and actions. We have created a pledge of solidarity that includes a statement and resources that we hope will help everyone engaged in TIC work to challenge themselves to create better systems.
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Voices from the Community

These videos were created as a way to learn about trauma informed care from various perspectives. Although the principles of trauma informed care are used in many communities, these principles often look different in practice or are called something else depending on the group. TIO would like to highlight these perspectives.

Trauma Informed Care and Adverse Community Experience

Trauma Informed Care and ACES video screenshot

Trauma Informed Care and Mutual Aid

TIC and Mutual Aid video screenshot

Trauma Informed Care: Centering Culture and Healing Practices

TIC Centering Culture and Healing Practices video screenshot

What Does Trauma Informed Care Mean to You?

Intro to Trauma Informed Care – Julio C. Galindo Muñiz

What is Trauma Informed Care? – Cheryl Baker & Sahaan McKelvey

Why is Trauma Informed Care Important? – Carolyn Anderson

Why is Trauma Informed Care Important? – Marta Hanna

Trauma Specific, Trauma Sensitive, Trauma Informed – Lucrecia Suarez

A Brief Overview of NEAR Science – Shilo George

Trauma Informed Care in Schools – Todd Bloomquist

Join the TIO Collaborative

To support and strengthen the work of Trauma Informed Oregon, a broad group of stakeholders is being convened to represent the needs and interests of our constituents, including individuals with lived experience, youth and families, public and private partner systems, and providers across multiple service systems. To join the Collaborative fill out this form. If you have any questions contact us at

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Find Community on the Discussion Forum

Looking for resources and support as you implement trauma informed care? Join others around the state on the TIO Discussion Forum! You can find resources, share your experience, and receive peer support.
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TIO Talk E-Newsletter

Trauma Informed Oregon has a bi-montly newsletter that shares ideas and perspectives from contributors around the state. Browse old versions of TIO Talk to find more resources and experiences from members of the TIO Community. Each newsletter contains a section with ideas and tools that you might find useful. You can also subscribe today to receive it in your inbox every other month!

Find a Local Trauma Informed Care Trainer

Browse our Trainer Database for a list of Oregon-based trainers along with trauma informed workshops and certificates that are available. The database also contains people who provide training on trauma specific services. If you’re a trainer you can also add yourself to the database.

You can find other trainings hosted by Trauma Informed Oregon and other organizations on our Events page.