From Ana Hristić, MA, LCSW, Training and Education Coordinator, Trauma Informed Oregon

Often times, the first point of contact between a service user and a service system is the “intake form.” This set of forms often serves the purpose of gathering pertinent information about the individual, so as to ensure timely, adequate, and accurate service delivery. Using the lens of safety—particularly emotional safety—the intake forms could be a space of inclusion and trust building.

Last year, Sarah Carllson, who was at the time interning with Trauma Informed Oregon, began to compile considerations for those who wish to incorporate trauma informed care (TIC) into their form writing process.

Attached is Considerations for Forms: Using the TIC Lens that one may use when putting together a form. What did we miss?! You’ll notice it is in draft form, please provide suggestions in the comment section below or email me at