January 22, 2016

From Mandy Davis, PhD., Co-Director, Trauma Informed Oregon

Happy New Year! Thank you for your amazing support, energy, and work this past year. We have had the opportunity to share information about trauma informed care with child welfare, self-sufficiency, housing, early childhood, health care, judicial, mental health providers, school personnel and more.

Through a variety of ways we have been asking many of you about what is working, what is challenging, and how Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) can support both implementation efforts and sustainable training and education opportunities. Based on what we have learned from you, we are focusing over the next several months on developing products and resources that will be accessible and relevant across different types of organizations. Some examples of what we are working on include:

Training and Education

  • Providing free foundational trainings throughout the state. The intent is to reach areas and organizations who may not have the resources to secure training or who may have 3-4 new staff that need the basics. These trainings will be community-wide. We hope to provide about 4 this year and increase or decrease as we see how it works. Trainings will be on our Events Page in the coming months.
  • Encouraging trainers to join the Trainer Database.
  • Developing online resources, modules, and activities you can easily use (in staff meetings, retreats, small groups) to build knowledge.
  • Developing competencies related to trauma informed care that represent multiple professions and organizations.
  • Enhancing or developing curricula for professional and continuing education.


We will let you know as materials are uploaded and trainings are scheduled. Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions on what would be helpful by getting in touch with us at info@traumainformedoregon.org.