October 11, 2018

From Ana Hristić, MA, MSW, CSWA, Training and Education Coordinator, Trauma Informed Oregon

To date, we have had four Train the Trainer cohorts, totaling 75 individuals who are trained in delivering the Foundations of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) training throughout the state, across industries. As of June 2018, over 2,600 people have participated in a training led by a Train the Trainer graduate, focused on the content of the Core Training Curriculum: Foundations of Trauma Informed Care.

Taking Train the Trainer on the Road!

With such great numbers, you can imagine why Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) was excited to partner with Crook County School District in taking the Train the Trainer on the road! Fourteen district personnel—ranging from school psychologist to rural school teacher to director of special education—participated in a customized Train the Trainer experience. During the three days, we explored the details of the Foundations of TIC: Training Components, customized it for their individual sites, and developed a plan for sharing the Foundations knowledge with 360 staff during their upcoming Professional Development day. Each participant demonstrated a high degree of commitment and engagement, in gaining the basic knowledge necessary to then creatively make the training their own.

Crook County School District’s approach of equipping some of their TIC champions with the Train the Trainer experience, thus empowering them to deliver the Foundations training themselves to their colleagues, is a powerful way to elevate an aspect of “lived experience” voice. The lived experience of working in education, in rural Oregon—where it is, for example, common to wear many hats at once—is unique. We are encouraged by the Foundations training being customized and informed by the trainer’s professional and lived experience.

Online Training Modules

In addition to developing the Train the Trainer to meet our goal of increasing training access, we are excited to share with you a new training resource, TIO Introduction to TIC Training Modules! These free online training modules have been created so that everyone in an organization or community has access to the foundational knowledge of key guiding principles of TIC.

The modules include four self-directed modules that walk you through the basics of TIC. Each module includes a content video, an additional Voices from the Community video that elevates the lived experience of TIC in our communities, additional resources that you can read to further your learning, questions that can be used for personal reflection, and a content quiz followed by a certificate of completion. We imagine that many organizations might use these modules as part of their onboarding of new staff, others may use the modules as a way to maintain their workforce knowledge over time, while others may use parts of the training for their individual team and workgroup needs. We at TIO believe that the content of these four online training modules is a basic level of knowledge applicable for all staff in an organization, across job classification and industry.

Participate in the Discussion Forum

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