square bulletSuicide Prevention: Arts, Healing & Resiliency

The Arts & Healing Resiliency Center, founder-director Diane Kaufman, MD

Dear friends,

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Everyday is Suicide Prevention Day. On behalf of saving lives, I am offering these resources to you.

“Don’t Give Up” is a poignant and powerful song, animated video, and pubic service announcement on overcoming the despair that can lead to suicide. The song, video, and public service announcement include the national suicide prevention lifeline number. All of these resources are available free of charge. Please post on your websites, social media, and if you have ideas for having the public service announcement shown on television and/or online sites, please contact me at

Together we can make a difference.

Thank you. Diane Kaufman, MD – Child Psychiatrist, Founder-Director Arts & Healing Resiliency Center at Mind Matters, PC

Here is the “Don’t Give Up” 60 second public service announcement:

Here’s the link to the “Don’t Give Up” song animation in English video:

Here’s the link to the “Don’t Give Up” song animation in English with Spanish titles:

Here’s the link to the “Don’t Give Up” song