Voices from the Community

These videos were created as a way to learn about trauma informed care from various perspectives. Although the principles of trauma informed care are used in many communities, these principles often look different in practice or are called something else depending on the group. TIO would like to highlight these perspectives.

Trauma Informed Care in Schools

Todd Bloomquist

Video Description

Because schools can be a cornerstone of the community, Todd Bloomquist focuses on why trauma informed care is important in all facets of education.

A Brief Overview of NEAR Science

Shilo George (Southern Cheyenne / Arapaho), Lush Kumtux-Tumtum Consulting

Video Description

Shilo George shares how NEAR science is embodied in the Native Community and the importance of recognizing intergenerational trauma when considering trauma informed care strategies.

Trauma Specific, Trauma Sensitive, and Trauma Informed

Lucrecia Suarez

Video Description

Lucrecia Suarez emphasizes the importance of making trauma informed care culturally relevant. She also explains the difference between trauma specific treatment and trauma informed care.

Why Resilience is Important to Trauma Informed Care

Marta Hanna

Video Description

Marta Hanna discusses why resilience is important when talking about trauma informed care.

Why is Trauma Informed Care Important?

Carolyn Anderson

Video Description

Through her personal experiences, Carolyn Anderson gives voice to why trauma informed care is important.

What Is Trauma Informed Care?

Cheryl Baker and Sahaan McKelvey

Video Description

Cheryl Baker and Sahaan McKelvey share what the principles of trauma informed care look like in their community and how important this is to those they serve.

Intro to Trauma Informed Care

Julio C Galindo Muñiz, Oregon Child Development Coalition

Video Description

By telling his own story, Julio C. Galindo Muñiz tells us how trauma informed care plays a role in his work and what these principles might look like to others.

What Does Trauma Informed Care Mean to You?

[various people from around Oregon]

Video Description

This video was presented at the keynote for the 2019 Trauma Informed Care in Oregon Conference. It is a compilation of people from around Oregon answering questions about what trauma informed care means to them. We hope this will inspire you to further the work of trauma informed care around the state and beyond!

Centering Culture and Healing Practice

Jillene Joseph, Native Wellness Institute; Steffannie Roache, Cultured Care LLC; Ruth Zúñiga, Sabiduría: Latinx Psychology Emphasis

Video Description

On 2/23/21, Trauma Informed Oregon hosted a conversation about the importance of culturally and linguistically appropriate healing practices and how they relate to trauma informed care.

Trauma Informed Care and Mutual Aid

Equitable Giving Circle; Mxm Bloc; Fires Igniting the Spirit; PCUN; Oregon Health Authority

Video Description

On 1/21/21, Trauma Informed Oregon hosted a conversation to uplift Mutual Aid efforts in Oregon, and explore the intersection of Mutual Aid and trauma informed care.

Trauma Informed Care and Adverse Community Experience

Dr. Howard Pinderghues

Video Description

On 1/21/21, Trauma Informed Oregon hosted a conversation with Howard Pinderghues on the intersection of Adverse Community Experiences and trauma informed care. Q&A follows Dr. Pinderghues’ presentation.