Trauma Informed Oregon (TIO) is committed to an informed workforce and informed communities. We provide foundational training on trauma and trauma informed care and we encourage organizations and systems to build internal capacity for ongoing training and information sharing. Resources on this page include PowerPoint presentations from TIO trainings, a number of other training resources, useful handouts, and selected literature on ACEs, trauma and trauma informed care.

Browse the full list of resources below – if you scroll down you’ll see that there’s more than one page. To view a resource click on its title. You can also select resources by category by clicking on one of the headings above the resource grid.

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Looking for a Local Trainer?

Browse our Trainer Database for a list of Oregon-based trainers along with trauma informed workshops and certificates that are available. The database also contains people who provide training on trauma specific services.
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The core training components are a guide to the foundational knowledge needed when learning about trauma informed care.

As you review training materials make sure you understand the foundation of trauma informed care by learning about the principles of trauma informed care.