square bulletTakeaways from the 2022 Day of Empathy Event

From , LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon

I was honored and humbled to MC the 2nd Day of Empathy 2022 hosted by the Family Preservation Project and Dream Corps Justice – America’s largest community of justice-impacted activists who advocate for fearless solutions to our mass incarceration problem. We were asked to imagine “a world, without prisons; a world that centers care and not punishment in addressing harm.” This event was an amazing opportunity: to learn from, listen to, and dream with justice-impacted activists. I invite you to take a moment to read or watch statements from Nova Sweet, the Oregon Ambassador for the National Empathy Network, and her son Marco Brewer – in addition to the many other voices of that day.

Opening Remarks by Nova Sweet, Oregon Ambassador for Dream Corps Justice

Read opening remarks from Nova Sweet and Marco Brewer

This is not just a conversation we have once a year but work we do every day. When someone shares their story, their harm, their dreams I give back gratitude by working to make things better.

Please take a moment to be taught through shared stories, theater, art, oh and Prentis Hemphill!!!

Nova Sweet, 2022 Day of Empathy speaker

Nova Sweet the Oregon Ambassador for the National Empathy Network