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From , LCSW, PhD, Director, Trauma Informed Oregon

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this blog. The theme this quarter was to be Climate and Culture, one of the Four Essential Elements that focuses on how organizations build a climate and culture that embodies trauma informed care. After we announced the theme, I left town for vacation. Upon my return, I discovered we had received a collection of amazing ideas, thoughts, and stories from our writers about climate change and its connection to trauma informed care. As we realized the miscommunication surrounding the word “climate,” someone pointed out that sometimes you get what you need – and in this season of extreme heat and floods, the contributions of these writers is what was needed.

Supporting Community Resilience and Public Health

I am a board member of the International Transformational Resilience Center (ITRC). This organization works to develop population-based public health approaches to climate disruptions by advocating for community-based mental wellness and resilience initiatives at the national, state, and community level. I appreciate the focus of this work on community resilience as it relates to preparedness, but also as it relates to a community’s ability to repair and restore itself more quickly after events. Climate affects our physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellness – from the impact on our bodies due to rising temperatures, to the impact on communities when climate-related disasters happen. I am hopeful in building community resilience and I am interested in how we can support this with funding, policy, and practices. One effort the ITRC is involved in is the Resilience for All Act model legislative language.

I am also grateful, encouraged, and motivated by the work of Oregon Heath Authority’s Climate Change and Public Health division.  I recommend you peruse their website for information on social resilience, mental health effects, toolkits and much more. A recent study they have shared about the impact of climate change on youth mental health is a call to action.  Do you see a connection with trauma informed principles and approaches and what youth say would be supportive to them? 

“Decision-makers, educators, mental health professionals and environmental professionals support youth mental health and resilience in the face of climate change when they…
…Share power with youth in decision-making about climate and mental health policy and solutions to increase youth’s sense of hope, belonging and agency
…Educate themselves about the connection between climate change and youth mental health and healing centered approaches to engage with youth
…Increase investments in school and community mental health services. These investments are needed to meet increasing demands to support youth, family, and community well-being.”

TIO has been and will continue to be engaged in this work and these conversations and I am excited to have the voices of this newsletter’s contributors. I would like to direct you to the contributors of this newsletter and their perspectives:


2021 Legislative Investment in Public Health

Climate Change and Youth Mental Health

Climate Disruption and Psychological Trauma: Preparing for the Worst Makes the Best Sense

Trauma Informed Care and Resilience – TIO Happenings November/December 2017

Oregon Health Authority: Climate Change and Public Health


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