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As part of building awareness, all staff benefit from having fundamental knowledge in trauma informed care.  Training involving all staff helps form a common language within an organization and demonstrates a commitment to creating a sensitive, safe, and welcoming environment for service recipients and the workforce.

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  • A broad base of trauma-related knowledge should include the following content:
    • The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study
    • The prevalence and impact of trauma on individuals by your agency
    • An introduction to the neurobiology of trauma
    • Issues of power, oppression, and micro agression especially related to involvement with our organizations and service systems
    • Historical, collective, and intergenerational trauma
    • Principles and implementation of Trauma Informed Care (TIC)
    • The role and benefits of peer support services
    • Trauma in the workforce; secondary trauma
  • Knowledge can be gained through
    • Training (internal or external)
    • Webinars and Videos
    • Books and discussion groups
  • All levels of the organization should receive training and education. This includes reception, billing, management, support staff, volunteers, and direct providers.
  • Organizations can build their own internal capacity to provide foundational education and training.
  • Frequency and availability of foundational training and education should reflect the needs of the agency – with the following recommendations:
    • New employees should receive education in core principles of Trauma Informed Care as part of the hiring and onboarding process.
    • Foundational training is updated and offered annually to incorporate the rapidly accumulating information on this topic.


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